Moroccan Love

Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

    If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with Moroccan decor. I personally haven't been able to visit Morocco myself, but this is my little oasis tucked inside of Los Angeles. 
     I love wearing long drape pieces. From kimonos to jackets, I love how they flow and essentially make me look taller than I am (haha). This Stone Cold Fox silk robe is to die for! It's so unique and there's just nothing quite like it. My Eyes of Simone dress is also one of my favorites. It is my go to maxi dress when I go out to parties. I love the delicacy of it and it's lace detail. I also love how I can make it casual or formal. 
      The sun's slowly starting to settle down in Los Angeles so these may be one of my last sunny posts. We shall see!

Outfit details:

Eyes of Simone Carolina Maxi Dress (buy here)
Stone Cold Fox Helena Printed Robe (buy here)
Brixton x UO Skyler Hat (buy here)
Lovestrength Phoenix Belt (buy here)
Lovestrength Cairo Belt (buy here)

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