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Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2014

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I don't know about you, but I love to drink tea. I am more of what you call a tea-aholic. When you have guests come to your home, sometimes a little extra detail might give your home that perfect touch that make them go "Oooo." Instead of giving someone a mug with there tea, why not have a matching tea set? That way your guests will be talking about how much they love your tea set and how great your home is. 

I've collected a couple of these overtime; there not necessarily whole tea sets, but cute things that can add a little touch to your home decor.

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Russian Tea Holder 
This item is simply gorgeous! This Russian Tea Holder holds a tea glass inside, so beautiful. This tea holder was used back in the old days but still remains popular today, for good reason. (find here)

Image via honestlyyum.com
Moroccan Tea Set
This is probably my most favorite tea set of all. The Moroccan Tea Set is so elegant and really gives off that royal antique look. This set is known by Moroccans to hold there delicious Moroccan mint tea. Yum! The  glasses come in different colors and is served either on a Moroccan brass tray or Moroccan tray table. (find here)

Image via Teavana.com
Cast Iron Tea Pots and Sets
These tea pots are handmade in Japan from solid cast iron and they keep your tea hot for about an hour! Teavana has a great collection of them in different styles and colors. Perfect for the person who wants simplicity or is very particular to what designs they like. (find here)

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