Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Posted on Sunday, September 7, 2014

Image via Beyond Marrakech

Their is one thing right now that I am highly obsessed with. And when I mean highly, I mean HIGHLY. I am currently in love and coveting Moroccan wedding blankets.

Moroccan wedding blankets or Handira are amazing woven blankets that are made of natural undyed wool and cotton. It was used as a tradition where mothers would weave a wedding blanket to give to her daughter. They are also known to protect and ware off the evil eye. Now, these blankets are very popular and are one of the most sought out pieces for home decor.

Prices can range anywhere from $200-$1000+ depending on size and decor/detail

I'm hoping that sooner than later I can grab my hands on one. I just haven't mustered up the confidence to let my wallet go for it. hehe

If you are interested in purchasing a Moroccan wedding blanket:

  • you can find some at your local moroccan home decor store
  • you can also find them on etsy/ebay
  • you can take a look at these beauties below:

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